1 AB will operate Drive In Bingo in accordance with County Health Department Guidelines
2 All bingo players must be at least 18 years of age. ID may be requested  
3 Cars should be parked facing the building within safety cones to maintain proper distancing
4 Players must stay in cars except to use the restroom  
5 Players must wear a face mask when exiting the car to use restroom  
6 Players must maintain social distancing when using the restroom  
8 Every eligible player in car must have their own game package and receipt. No splitting of buy ins
9 Turn engine off after parking. Tune your radio to FM station 97.1 or log into Zoom
10 Ink Daubers must be used to mark cards  
11 Caller will call bingo number, wait 10 seconds, Repeat number, ask if there are any bingos, Call next number
12 If you have a bingo, HONK your car horn for 3 seconds AND turn on your emergency flashers
13 When AB staff approach your car place winning card in DRIVERS side window for verification
14 AB staff will radio caller for verification. Winning card will be displayed on monitor and ZOOM
15 Game will be closed, and winner paid with an envelope placed on the car.  
16 It is the winner’s responsibility to count the prize before the AB staff member leaves the car.
17 All prizes will be divided equally  
18 Flash games will be sold in parking lot and the outdoor flash desk.  
19 Flash games may be played with paper bingo games.  
20 All winning tickets must be claimed by end of session by putting tickets  
in provided envelopes with the amount written on the outside.  
21 Money will be place in envelope and left on the car  
22 Please place your trash in the “Buy In bag” and take it with home with you  
23 AB is not responsible for missed bingos.  
24 In the event of a POWER OUTAGE, Strips and Flash not played,  
will be played at the NEXT SCHEDULED bingo session (No REFUNDS)  
25 AB is not responsible for mal-function of equipment  
26 Players participate in these activities at their own risk and  
agree by purchasing a buy in to hold AB harmless  
27 All grievances will be settled by session manager. Manager decision are final