We’re back and bigger than ever at Aquamaids Bingo! We’ve already done the numbers 1-7, 8-15, 16-22, 23-30 and 31-37. Today, we’re going to run through the rest of the “N’s” and drill down into the cool, offbeat and unusual ways bingo callers give the calls for numbers 38-44. If you’ve missed any of the previous articles, be sure to click the numbers above to catch up with the history, lore and often surprising reasons behind these calls and dazzle your friends with your international bingo trivia knowledge! Let’s get started with




What could be more appropriate for the holiday season than Christmas cake? Well, if N-38 completes your card for the coveted “Bingo!”, this Cockney rhyming slang-inspired pseudonym might just persuade Santa to stuff your stocking with up to $5,000 in must-go prizes at Aquamaids Bingo. Happy Holidays indeed!




Any Alfred Hitchcock fan will recognize this call immediately, as it is an homage to one of the legendary suspense director’s best-known masterpieces. In the spy thriller, the “39 steps” referred to a shadowy spy network trying to steal military plans for a silent aircraft engine, while in the novel from which Hitchcock adapted the movie, the 39 steps were quite literal. Either way, you don’t have to sneak, spy or stealth your way into riches when you play at Aquamaids Bingo and N-39 fills your card for the win!



Some say life begins at conception, some say it begins at birth. But for the bingo callers of the Continent, “Life begins” at 40! Whether your chronological life has begun by this logic or you’re still walking up to the top of the hill, when N-40 rounds out your bingo card, you’ll certainly be on your way to a more enjoyable chapter in your life!




Playing off the idea that life begins at 40, and with a little help from Cockney’s seemingly endless wealth of word games, rhymes, half-rhymes and substitutions, 41 is “Time for fun!” Whether you’re 21, 41 or 91, you’ll always have fun at Aquamaids Bingo—especially if N-41 lets you take home all the loot!




Beloved children’s characters and bingo would seem to go together like Scotch and peanut butter. It works, but not very well. In the case of N-42, however, we’re hard pressed to think of a more charming or fitting representative than the beloved A. A. Milne creation and Disney stalwart Winnie the Pooh! This makes sense because that “tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff” knows exactly where to find the “hunny”—and so will you when you daub off N-42 for the win and the sweet jackpot at Aquamaids Bingo!




In contrast to 42, 43’s call has a darker and far less cuddly backstory, hearkening back to the Second World War. When British soldiers captured enemy units or needed to warn civilians of imminent danger, they would order them “Down on your knees!” Today in Merrie Olde England, this bleak chapter in world history is remembered with the call for N-43. Unlike that horrible time, though, the only reason N-43 will bring you down on your knees is in celebration when you swoop in and take the jackpot for yourself!




Gravity takes its toll on everything eventually, and the cheeky Continental call for N-44, “Droopy Drawers,” serves as a glib reminder of this inescapable fact. But whether your underthings are brand-new right out of the package or a little past their prime, there’s no doubt you’ll have a spring in your step and certainly won’t be drooping when N-44 nets you the big prize and the bragging rights that go with it!


Another episode of Bingo Lingo has come to an end—but the series still has a long way to go! Be sure to check back for our next installment, featuring the numbers 45-51, and of course keep a close eye on our blog for all the latest news, events and exciting changes coming to Aquamaids Bingo in 2022.

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