Welcome back, folks and valued players! As you know, we’re coming down to the end of the line for our Bingo Lingo series, with only one more after this one. Unlike American bingo, bingo in the UK and elsewhere often has 90 numbers—but since the game was invented here, as “Beano,” we’re sticking with the traditions that brought us. But never fear—we’ll have plenty more fun facts, surprises, trivia and exciting bingo knowledge in the future. For now, we hope you enjoy these offbeat, unusual, and extraordinary bingo calls from your friends at Aquamaids Bingo! 



         For some people, sixty is the new forty. For others, it’s a mere “five dozen,” which is the most popular, albeit unimaginative, bingo call for this number. But others prefer to call out G-60 as “Granny’s getting frisky!”, both because of the semi-rhyme it entails and because under English law, that was the age of retirement with a government-guaranteed pension for women, similar to US Social Security. If you didn’t have to work anymore, we bet you’d be feeling frisky too—and while a jackpot from Aquamaids Bingo may not put you out of the workforce, we’re sure you’ll be kicking your heels up when you call out that long-awaited “Bingo!”



If you baked five dozen of anything, there’s a pretty good chance you’d be feeling a little puckish when you were done. Having a little extra dough leftover for yourself to keep your strength up after you got all the baking done is where the call “Baker’s bun” for O-61 comes from. All the hot bingo action at Aquamaids Bingo can make you work up an appetite, so you can grab a quick snack or a full meal at Jos Café while you chase that elusive “Bingo!”



Chances are, you’ve felt “Tickety-Boo and not even realized it! “Tickety-Boo “ is an English expression which more or less parallels Americanism such as “groovy,” “sweet” or “excellent” as a synonym for feeling good or knowing things are going well. Of course, 62’s other call, “Turn the screw,” is perhaps more apropos at the end of a session, when someone’s closing in on that coveted chance to yell “Bingo!” No matter how you call it, you’ll be feeling “tickety-boo” and simultaneously “turning the screw” on your fellow players when O-62 gives you the chance to line your pockets with a fat payout!



Some numbers just don’t have an obvious correspondence in Western culture. One example is O-63. However, we can say with some certainty that whoever picked “Tickle Me!” as the call for this one knew what they were talking about! You’ll certainly be “tickled” when O-63 closes out your bingo card, shuts down the competition, and leaves you with much fatter pockets!



One of the oddest calls we’ve done so far is the one for O-64. “Red raw” doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue and rhymes only if you look at the number and the call together sideways, with a squint, in exceptionally bad lighting. This call has borne up under the weight of years, probably from familiarity—but it’s far from the most lyrical or obvious out there. On the other hand, there’s an alternate call that’s far more popular with younger generations: “The Beatles!” This traces back to their hit “When I’m Sixty-Four,” which at least gives it the advantage of having a recognizable pop culture association. While we don’t suggest you try to buy a psychedelically painted Rolls-Royce a la John Lennon off your winnings (which would probably buy you a tire and possibly a rim), you can certainly enjoy some good times to look back on (or forward to) when you’re 64!



Until the last couple of generations, 65 was generally accepted as the retirement age for men both in the US and abroad. Now, of course, you’re unlikely to draw your “Old Age Pension” unless you had an unusually good job. But, as the retirement planners say, it’s never too early or too late to start, and striking O-65 off your bingo card for the huge cash prizes at Aquamaids Bingo could certainly help you have a little fun while bolstering your nest egg!



For Europeans, especially Britons, “Clickety-Click” is the most popular call for O-66 (of just plain 66), bringing to mind the clattering sounds of a train in motion. Hardcore Star Wars buffs may use the infamous “General Order 66,” by which Emperor Palpatine ascended from the Galactic Senate to ultimate power, ultimate evil and, eventually, his ultimate ruin. But fans of legendary crooner Nat King Cole, and those both American and abroad who’ve set out on the Great American Adventure, will immediately recognize the reference to the 2448-mile “US Historic Highway!” that wended its way from Chicago down to Amarillo, Texas and then across the Desert Southwest to California. Whether you’ve sped along the Route 66 corridor on a train or taken the more leisurely route in a car, you’re certain to “get your kicks” when O-66 lets you snatch up the jackpot!  




The call for O-67 is somewhat contested, as some callers prefer to use a lower double-digit number as the “Stairway to Heaven.” But at Aquamaids Bingo, we think O-67 is the perfect choice because it’s the highest number you can catch on a conventional American bingo board—and it will certainly feel like heaven when you call out “Bingo!” and haul home that sweet, sweet payout!

And that’s our ninth Bingo Lingo rundown in the books, folks! Remember, we’ve only got one more in our Bingo Lingo Series, featuring the numbers 68-75, but there’s lots more fun and excitement coming your way from your friends at Aquamaids Bingo. Don’t forget, every time you come visit us at 1600 Martin Avenue, you’re helping to support the dedicated junior competitors of the Santa Clara Aquamaids Artistic Swimming Team. It’s a wonderful way to support a great cause and grab some of the biggest, best and most exciting payouts and jackpots in the Bay Area, including our signature “Must-Go” $5,000 Strip sessions. And the ability to use touchless payment options to buy in for your next session through our Android and iOS apps, as well as at Jos Café, makes playing and winning safer, easier, and more secure and fun than ever before. But you can only get this action when you Come Play and Win with Aquamaids Bingo!