It’s hard to believe this will be the last edition of Aquamaids Bingo’s Bingo Lingo series! We’ve run down some of the weirdest, wackiest and wildest bingo calls from across the pond and around the world, and some of the most fantastic are yet to come. We hope you’ve enjoyed the Bingo Lingo series—but don’t worry, there’s still plenty more fun and excitement on the way from your friends at Aquamaids Bingo in Santa Clara. So, for now, let’s finish out Bingo Lingo in style with a look at the calls from 68-75!




A simple Cockney-style rhyming call from the UK, “Pick a Mate,” makes a lot of sense when you’re giving the high sign to your friends—but when O-68 rounds out your bingo card, you might want to pick a “mate” to share the wealth and your big jackpot with! Some places also use “Saving Grace,” but this one’s not nearly as obvious as a rhyme or as to its antecedents, which makes “Saving Grace” one of the odder calls we’ve ever seen.




“Any Way Up” is a perfectly reasonable and family-friendly way of calling out O-69 because of the appearance of the numbers. But, of course, there are plenty of much saucier ways of calling this out, and we’re sure most folks can think of their own! Any way you arrange it or call it when O-69 finishes off your card and gets you that coveted “Bingo!” we’re sure you’ll know exactly which way is up—to the caller booth to claim your big prize!




“Fourscore and seven (87) years ago” is a well-known phrase to just about every American, so “Threescore and Ten” should be easy to figure for most people. 3×20=60+10=70! It is also sometimes called “Blind 70,” although this call seems to be falling from favor in most places due to its ableist overtones. But when O-70 completes your card, you’ll get to do the math on how you will spend that big jackpot you just won!




While it’s not precisely a rhyme as such, we’ve seen plenty of calls that dip into the word association games, half-rhymes, and pseudo-rhymes so common among UK bingo callers, so “Bang on the Drum” isn’t out of bounds by any means. In the early tweens, there was a push to change this traditional call to “J. Lo’s Bum,” referencing, of course, one of the world-famous actress’s most widely recognized and emulated features. We’re pretty sure you’ll feel like banging a drum yourself when O-71 puts you over the top and lets you cash in big at Aquamaids Bingo!




As with the other multiples of 12 we’ve seen, “Six Dozen” is always a safe call when it comes to O-72. Among avid golf aficionados, you may also hear the call “Par for the Course,” meaning the average number of strokes it should take a proficient golfer to complete the entire 18 holes on a standard golf course. But you’ll be feeling anything but “Par” when O-72 nets you the big win and the money that comes with it!




Whether you’re a secretary, a janitor, a retiree or any other professional, the call for O-73 is sure to make you feel like royalty. When the “Queen Bee” stings your card and gets you the royal jelly waiting in the jackpot, you’re sure to set the room buzzing. “Bee” sure to practice your wave as you come up front to take your crown!




As old-fashioned rhymes go, O-74 is pretty sweet! “Candy Store” isn’t likely to strike any nerves, but it’s definitely going to put some sugar in your jar when you catch a bingo off it. You’ll definitely want to “Hit the Floor” to come to claim your candy before someone else does!       




Okay, so maybe it’s not the most inspiring call ever, but O-75, “Strive and Strive,” certainly calls up the feeling many bingo players get after coming “Thiiiiiiiiiiis close!” only to be shut down. Still, though, when you strive and strive enough, good things will usually come your way—especially when O-75 lets you close out the game and take home the big prizes you can only get at Aquamaids Bingo!


And that’s a wrap, folks—the rundown for all the calls for all 75 numbers in American bingo! It’s been a fascinating journey, and we’re glad you’ve joined us, whether you’ve been watching this series since our first Bingo Lingo post or whether you’re just now tuning in. But this is only where the fun starts—Aquamaids Bingo has a whole lot more fun, action and surprises in store for you, especially when you come down to 1600 Martin Avenue in Santa Clara and join us for a live bingo session Tuesday-Friday evenings! Be sure to treat your tastebuds with the newly redone menu light snacks or full meals from Jos Café, try out our new no-touch buy-in system right from your iOS or Android smart device, and check out the biggest prizes and the hottest bingo action in the Bay Area. 

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