It’s the spookiest month of the year, and Aquamaids Bingo Hall is adding some scary big PAYOUT GAMES and PROMOTIONS to our regular roster of exciting bingo play. Flash games $1,199, double $1,199, big money instant WINS, Home of the Super Strips $1,250, possible $5,000 payout every Friday Strip Night on “American Heroes”, Progressive “Wonder Woman” payout is minimum $1,250/$1,500/$1,750 with a possibility of the fastest growing Progressive

Did you know Aquamaids Bingo is the only hall around with a Players Club Reward Program where the more you spend the more earn towards discounts and Aquamaids Bingo Swag!!! Come play and ask about how to sign up!!!

What’s New for Aquamaids Bingo in October?


We’re sticking with the new pricing we introduced in September for our Progressive Strip cards, because it’s proved to be so popular with our players. Our WONDER WOMAN and AMERICAN HEROES Strip cards are priced at $5ea, $12 for 3 or $20 for 5. With available payouts of $1,250, $1,500, $1,750 and the big Pink Jackpot for Wonder Woman and $1,250, $1,500, $1,750 and $5,000 for American Heroes. 

Weekly Evening Bay Area Bingo Schedule 

  • Tues-Thurs 3pm (doors open) 6:30pm games start to 10:30pm (end session)
  • Friday 3pm (doors open) 6:30pm games start to 12:30pm (end session)


Tuesday and Wednesday are DOUBLE POINT sessions with a guaranteed $250 game payout.


We have our $1 ALL U CAN PLAY PAPER & $50/$35 machine buy-ins get you 144/72 cards, 2 Early Bird and 2 Getaway Games, 1 Double Action Paper and Machine and 1 Fiesta. And of course, be sure to wear your Aquamaids Bingo Tee for the Early Bird and Getaway games to win an extra $50 guaranteed when you win!

Thursday sessions pay out at $500! We’ve also got $55/$45 machine buy-ins, All YOU CAN PLAY REGULAR PAPER GAMES, 2 Early Bird & Getaway Games and 1 Fiesta & 1 Double Action Machine/paper. And yes, the Bingo Tee Promo applies to Early Bird and Getaway games on Thursdays too!

Friday Strip Night, which means the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th! 

THEN STAY FOR ~ Midnight Madness buyin includes All-U-Can-Play regular paper games & 72 card machine plus 1 progressive 3-on game 

When you play at Aquamaids Bingo Hall, you’re not just getting the chance to win some amazing prizes, but you’re also helping support young athletes both here at home and across the country through US SYNCHRO and Aquamaids of Santa Clara. We’re your headquarters for the best Bay Area Halloween Bingo. Be sure to stay tuned for a very special announcement about our new day sessions, coming soon from Aquamaids Bingo Hall!