At Aquamaids Bingo, we believe there’s never a bad reason to have a bingo party—and Presidents’ Day is no exception! On Monday, February 17th, Aquamaids Bingo will be open for a very special Monday Presidents’ Day bingo session with more games, bigger prizes and more of the exciting bingo action you’re craving! 

Here’s what you need to know:



Special Aquamaids Event Hours


  • No reservations needed! This event is first-come, first-served, with OPEN seating.
  • Doors and cashiers open at 3:30 pm.
  • Flash sales begin at 4 pm.
  • Program games start at 5:30 pm.




  • Buy-ins start at $50 up to $100.
  • Players’ Club points and coupons may be used toward buy-in ONLY.
  • Coupons and Players’ Club points may redeem up to $20 off $50 and $75 buy-in packages, and up to $40 off $100 buy-ins.


Buy-Ins Include:


  • 10 $1,250 Super Strip games
  • 10 $500-payout Regular Games, featuring All-U-Can-Play paper!
  • 72-card Machine Game
  • ONE (1) All American Hero Strip Game with a $5,000 “must-go” payout
  • Ticket for President’s Day Meal Deal at the café
  • Dauber


Devoted daubers all over the Bay Area know where to go for the best, hottest, most exciting bingo action: Aquamaids Bingo! Come out, celebrate Presidents’ Day with us, have fun, win some money and help us support our local Aquamaids, as well as young athletes around the country through US SYNCHRO. With all these awesome prizes and games, there’s only one place to scratch your bingo itch: Aquamaids Bingo—WHERE THE WINNERS PLAY!!!