Players Club & Rewards Program

For 45 years, Aquamaids Bingo Hall has been offering some of the biggest, best and most exciting bingo variations in the Bay Area. Now we’re making it even bigger and better with the Aquamaids Players’ Club! Earn points when you play and apply the points you earn toward buy-ins, select merch and even more of the hot bingo action you crave at Aquamaids, where the winners play!*
*Terms, conditions, exceptions and exclusions apply. Please see the bottom of this page for full rules, participation criteria and limitations..
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How do I get my Aquamaids Player’s Club Card?

Signing up is free and easy. Just ask one of our friendly cashiers for your complimentary Players’ Club card and present it every time you buy in to earn points. As you accrue points, you can use them for discounts on game buy-ins and Aquamaids Bingo Swag. Tuesday and Wednesday are Double Point days, earning you more points when you play.

Play more, pay less!

Earn Double Points on Tuesday & Wednesday!

Every 100 points you earn is good for a $10 discount on all regular session games, and 200 points earns you $20 in discounts on regular games. Pay only $10 when you apply your balance of 400 points toward machine games on Tuesday and Wednesday—a $40 discount on the exciting games you love to play anyway!


Get a $10 discount on buy-in packages


Get a $20 discount on buy-in packages

Aquamaids — Where the winners play!

The Aquamaids Bingo Players’ Club and Rewards Program is designed to reward our loyal friends and players. With all the great bingo action you could ask for and ways to earn rewards on your play every session, why would you play anywhere else? Come play and win at Aquamaids, where the winners play!

Aquamaids Players’ Club and Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

  1. All players must be age 18 or above to purchase or participate in bingo games, events and programs, including the Aquamaids Players’ Club and Rewards Program.
  2. A valid Players’ Club card is required to accrue or redeem points for play.
  3. All Players’ Club accounts begin with a balance of 0 points. Players accrue points upon buy-in for regularly scheduled session games and tournaments. Participating players earn Double Points on Tuesday and Wednesday with each buy-in for regularly scheduled session games.
  4. Points may be redeemed in 100-point increments. Each 100 points equals a $10 discount on play and select Aquamaids Bingo merchandise or swag.
  5. Points may NOT be used toward food or beverage purchases, special games, flash games, progressive games or a la carte strip games.
  6. Maximum redemption at any one time is 400 points or $40 in discounts. Players may only redeem 100 points or $10 toward buy-ins for Daytime and Midnight Madness sessions.
  7. All determinations by Aquamaids Bingo Hall staff, employees or volunteers concerning point accrual and redemption are final and not subject to appeal.
  8. Aquamaids reserves the right to alter, adapt, amend, correct, suspend or terminate any terms or conditions governing the Players’ Club and Rewards Program at its sole discretion and in accordance with applicable laws at any time, with or without notice to member players, including terms of point accrual, point redemption or disposition of accrued point balances.
  9. Aquamaids reserves the right to refuse service, play or membership privileges at its sole discretion, in accordance with applicable laws.
  10. Enrollment or ongoing participation in Aquamaids Bingo Hall Players’ Club and Rewards Program signifies consent to and acceptance of these terms and conditions in their totality, without exception. Participant/player agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Aquamaids Bingo Hall, its employees, volunteers, agents, heirs and assigns, for any real or perceived damages arising from such enrollment or participation, without limitation.