Welcome back to Aquamaids Bingo! As we welcome in 2022, it seems like a great time to catch up on our ongoing Bingo Lingo series. So far, we’ve visited how bingo callers in the UK and elsewhere mix up the traditional “B-1” call construction with a mixture of rhymes, half-rhymes, word substitutions, and clever references from pop culture. Sometimes all of them at once! So far, we’ve looked at the numbers 1-7, 8-15, 16-22, 23-30, 31-37, and 38-44. (Check out the sidebar and history to see the previous entries!) Let’s jump back in and run up the list from 45-51, so you can amaze your friends with your bingo trivia knowledge, courtesy of your friends at Aquamaids Bingo!



This call isn’t going to make much sense to most of us Yankees—until you remember that many places in the UK and Europe, bingo goes up to 90, not 75. When you know this, the call “Halfway there, 45!” makes perfect sense. More importantly, when N-45 notches off your winning card, you’ll be a lot more than halfway to carting off the huge cash prizes at Aquamaids Bingo!



“Up to Tricks?” The rhyme here, inspired by Cockney slang, is perfectly logical. Not only does it imply some mischief in the offing, but chances are you’ll be feeling pretty sly and sneaky when you daub off G-46 and snatch the jackpot right out from under the other players!



“Four and seven” aren’t the most inspiring, or inspired, call we’ve looked at so far by a long shot. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that it’s at least easy to figure out. Besides, when G-47 tops off your card and puts you in the money, the fact that the call is kind of a sad trombone won’t even matter!



12 x 4 = 48. Most people can do that math in their head, which is why “Four Dozen” is an obvious choice. Some of the younger generation of callers substitute “Tag a Mate,” which is a bit more creative and more likely to translate to the Twitter generation. Even better, you can “tag” your “mates” (friends) on social media when you show off the fat stacks you won at Aquamaids Bingo by marking off G-48 on your winning card!



Most people, especially of the younger generation, are understandably confused when they hear “PC” called out for the number 49, as the call has nothing at all to do with computers of any sort! This hoary moldy oldie takes its cue from an unshockingly named British TV show about a brash police constable, The Adventures of PC 49. However, among the younger crowd, “Amazon Prime” has already surpassed “PC”—both because of the name recognition and the fact its founder is the world’s richest man. You may not clock billions like Jeff Bezos, but anyway you call it, when G-49 lets you call out “Bingo!” we’re pretty sure you’ll be feeling rich!



“Half a Century” is one of the easier calls to remember, which is why this one has demonstrated so much staying power. But why settle for a mere half a century when you could be pocketing up to fifty crisp portraits of Ben Franklin by marking off G-50 for the Must-Go jackpot at Aquamaids Bingo?



In real life, tweaking one’s thumb is generally not recommended—because it tends to hurt! But as a rhyming stand-in for 51, it works. Callers may also say, “I love my mum,” or for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean who don’t mind slightly butchering the actual line, “Where’s the rum?” Any way you call it, G-51 could be your ticket to your very own treasure when it rounds out your bingo card!


So there it is—another round of Aquamaids Bingo Lingo in the books. What rhymes and word games can you think up to stand in for your lucky numbers? We hope you’ll come back to catch the rest of our rundown of the remaining calls from G-52 through 0-75. More importantly, we look forward to seeing you in person at Aquamaids Bingo Hall at 1600 St. Martin Avenue in Santa Clara! We’ve made buying in contactless, paperless, and easier than ever before, with buy-ins for your next session available through our Android and iOS apps right from your smartphone or device, or click the banner at the top of the page to buy in on our secure website. If you’re hungry, our newly renovated Jos Café has what you’re craving, from light snacks to full meals sure to satisfy any taste or appetite, so you can grab a bite without missing a moment of the exciting bingo action you’ve come to love from Aquamaids Bingo. And don’t forget, every time you buy in at Aquamaids Bingo Hall, you’re also helping support Santa Clara Aquamaids the dreams of young athletes as they pursue their goals of Artistic Swimming gold. It’s a great time with great cash prizes every session for a great cause.

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